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Toddler Ages 18–24 months




Beginner Ages 4–5 years

I Love God’s WordWinter

Growing in God’s WordSpring

Growing Up with JesusSummer

Primary Grades 1–2 or 1–3

Learning God’s WordWinter

Growing for GodSpring

Bible HeroesSummer

Middler Grades 3–4

Bible JourneysWinter

Treasures from God’s WordSpring

Bible EncountersSummer

Junior Grades 5–6 or 4–6

Bible QuestWinter

Journeying with JesusSpring

Defenders of the SwordSummer

Youth 1 Grades 7–9

Jacob & JosephWinter

Joshua & JudgesWinter

Christ’s MinistryWinter

Moses & ChristmasWinter

Acts & EasterWinter

Teachings of JesusWinter

Jacob & JosephSpring

Joshua & JudgesSpring

Christ’s MinistrySpring

Moses & ChristmasSpring

Acts & EasterSpring

Teachings of JesusSpring

Jacob & JosephSummer

Joshua & JudgesSummer

Christ’s MinistrySummer

Moses & ChristmasSummer

Acts & EasterSummer

Teachings of JesusSummer

Youth 2 Grades 10–12

Jesus’ Beginning MinistryWinter

Beginnings in GenesisWinter

Acts IWinter

Teacher Order one per class

Acts IIWinter

Learning from Jesus in GalileeWinter

Judges & RuthWinter

Studies in 1st SamuelWinter

Jesus’ Later MinistryWinter

King David/SolomonWinter

Jesus’ Beginning MinistrySpring

Beginnings in GenesisSpring

Acts ISpring

Teacher Order one per class

Acts IISpring

Learning from Jesus in GalileeSpring

Judges & RuthSpring

Studies in 1st SamuelSpring

Jesus’ Later MinistrySpring

King David/SolomonSpring

Jesus’ Beginning MinistrySummer

Beginnings in GenesisSummer

Acts ISummer

Teacher Order one per class

Acts IISummer

Learning from Jesus in GalileeSummer

Judges & RuthSummer

Studies in 1st SamuelSummer

Jesus’ Later MinistrySummer

King David/SolomonSummer


Judges & RuthWinter

Beginnings in GenesisWinter

Patriarchs in GenesisWinter

Parables & EcclesiastesWinter

Elijah & ElishaWinter


Jesus’ Early MinistryWinter

Acts IWinter