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Fret Not

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Fret Not
(Adult, Spring 2024)

Fret Not
(Adult, Summer 2024)

Fret Not
(Adult, Fall 2024)

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Peace of mind can seem elusive in the perilous times we face. In a world filled with stress and fear, how can you follow the divine imperative recorded by the psalmist to "fret not"? This 11-chapter Bible study takes an expositional look at Psalm 37, covering relevant topics from contentment to meekness.
The first section of this book reads as a narrative and encourages the reader to find peace in a life filled with trust, delight, and hope. The second section of this book serves as a Leader Guide with 7 included sessions that coincide with the book chapters. Each session contains a preparation plan, a guided prayer, key phrases, and discussion points. Whether you plan to use this book for personal purposes or in a group of fellow believers, Fret Not: Peace of Mind in Perilous Times will be a great resource to help prompt you to seek God and find the tools needed to "fret not."
Each participant in a group will need his own copy.
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