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This Liberty of Yours

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This Liberty of Yours
(Adult, Spring 2024)

This Liberty of Yours
(Adult, Summer 2024)

This Liberty of Yours
(Adult, Fall 2024)

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Christian liberty is a popular topic among Christians, especially when it comes to a discussion about the application of particular principles laid out in the Bible. Once we as Christians obtain a sensitivity toward our liberty, we can walk worthy of our calling as children of God. This 10-chapter Bible study on Christian liberty is an interactive book, encouraging Christians to learn more about their liberty and the balance between license and legalism.

The first section of this book reads as a narrative and encourages the reader to recognize and possess their liberty in Christ. The second section of this book serves as a Leader Guide with 9 included sessions that coincide with the book chapters. Each session contains a preparation plan, a guided prayer, key phrases, and discussion points. Whether you plan to use this book for personal purposes or in a group of fellow believers, This Liberty of Yours: Unlocking Your Liberty in Christ will be a great resource to help unlock and open the door to a greater experience of Christian liberty and a higher understanding of its application.

Each participant in a group will need his own copy.

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