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I Believe the Bible

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Used in these Curriculums

I Love God’s Word
(Beginner, Winter 2018)

Learning God’s Word
(Primary, Winter 2018)

Song Visuals
(Teacher Aid, Winter 2018)

Growing in God’s Word
(Beginner, Spring 2019)

Growing for God
(Primary, Spring 2019)

Song Visuals
(Teacher Aid, Spring 2019)

Bible Heroes
(Primary, Summer 2019)

Bible Encounters
(Middler, Summer 2019)

Song Visuals
(Teacher Aid, Summer 2019)

About This Product

Teach children important doctrine through song! Includes five verses affirming the child’s faith in the Bible, Jesus as the Son of God, and Jesus’ death, resurrection, and Second Coming. This 12-page Bible-shaped book features vivid illustrations in the style of the Abeka Flash-a-Card series. Includes sheet music on the last page of this sturdy card-stock book. Preschool–K4, gr. 2–3.

Item 90999
Dimensions 12" x 14.5"
Pages 12