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Used in these Curriculums

Bible Adventures
(Primary, Summer 2020)

Song Visuals
(Teacher Aid, Summer 2020)

Discoveries in God’s Word
(Primary, Fall 2020)

Trailblazing through God’s Word
(Middler, Fall 2020)

Song Visuals
(Teacher Aid, Fall 2020)

Learning God’s Word
(Primary, Winter 2020)

Bible Journeys
(Middler, Winter 2020)

Song Visuals
(Teacher Aid, Winter 2020)

About This Product

Jesus and Others and You—what a wonderful way to spell JOY! As the children sing the chorus, this cleverly designed visual lets them flip the pages to spell JOY and see an image of what each letter represents. This 12-page book on sturdy cardstock includes the sheet music on the last page. Gr. 4–5.

Item 90921
Dimensions 15" x 12.5"
Pages 12