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Jesus Bids Us Shine

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Used in these Curriculums

Scripture Paths
(Primary, Winter 2023)

Song Visuals
(Teacher Aid, Winter 2023)

Little Hands Do His Will
(2s and 3s, Spring 2024)

God’s Wonderful Word
(Primary, Spring 2024)

Song Visuals
(Teacher Aid, Spring 2024)

Little Feet Walk His Way
(2s and 3s, Summer 2024)

Bible Adventures
(Primary, Summer 2024)

Song Visuals
(Teacher Aid, Summer 2024)

About This Product

Children love opening the shutters on the window to let the little girl’s light brightly shine to the world! This trifold visual on sturdy card stock can also stand on its own to be displayed in a room. Second verse is on the back. Sheet music included. Gr. 1–3.

Item 90913
Dimensions 12.5" x 15"
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