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Joyful Singing A Songbook

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Used in these Curriculums

(Toddler, Spring 2022)

Little Hands Do His Will
(2s and 3s, Spring 2022)

Following after God
(Beginner, Spring 2022)

(Toddler, Summer 2022)

Little Feet Walk His Way
(2s and 3s, Summer 2022)

Footprints through the Bible
(Beginner, Summer 2022)

(Toddler, Fall 2022)

Learning God’s Way
(2s and 3s, Fall 2022)

Let’s Learn about God
(Beginner, Fall 2022)

About This Product

All songs for Toddler, 2s and 3s, and Beginner are in the Joyful Life Singing A Songbook. The songbook contains music and words for songs, choruses, and hymns of the faith. Included are current songs as well as favorites from our Christian heritage.
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Dimensions 6" x 9"
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Pages 64