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Grades 1–2 or 1–3

Sunday School Series

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Primary Extra Lesson — Summer

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First Year Overview

Bible Treasures — Fall

God gives power to obey; Importance of faith; God hears and answers prayer; Jesus is God; Jesus is the way to heaven; Being thankful for God’s blessings

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Scripture Paths — Winter

God keeps His promises; Children can tell others about God; Showing love to God by obeying Him; God’s special plans for His children

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God’s Wonderful Word — Spring

Blessings of obeying God; The glories of Heaven; Growing as a Christian; God sovereignly leads His children; Consequences of disobedience; God’s power

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Bible Adventures — Summer

God meets needs; Trusting in God to do right; Honoring and obeying authority; God performs miracles to protect His children; Importance of church; Putting others before self

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Second Year Overview

Discoveries in God’s Word — Fall

God solves problems; God wants His children to work together to do great things for Him; God blesses His children when they trust and obey Him; God punishes sin and blesses obedience.

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Learning God’s Word — Winter

God is in control of all things; He protects His children; All things are made by God; We should treat others the way we want to be treated; Listen carefully to God's word and obey it joyfully.

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Growing for God — Spring

Importance of praising God and living for Him; Waiting for God is better than rushing; Choices have consequences.

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Bible Heroes — Summer

God is with His children all the time; God can use bad things that happen and make them good; God cares for His children and meets their needs.

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