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Grades 3–4

Sunday School Series

Series titles currently available for ordering.

Middler Extra Lesson — Summer

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First Year Overview

Bible Explorer — Fall

God’s will includes obeying parents; Using Scripture against temptation; God has plans for His children; God protects and delivers

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Following God’s Plan — Winter

The Messiah’s magnificent birth; God provides daily needs; God gives strength in times of trouble; Destroying life’s idols; Yielding to and obeying God’s commands

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Bible Ventures — Spring

Importance of praising God; Salvation through the living Savior; Controlling attitudes when problems arise; Honoring authority; Trusting God’s provision; Importance of godly friends

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Giants of Faith — Summer

God rewards faithfulness; Importance of doing right; God’s faithful forgiveness; Following God’s will; Staying true to God’s Word; Importance of thankfulness; God sees hearts

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Second Year Overview

Trailblazing through God’s Word — Fall

God is faithful when trouble comes; God gives directions for choices; Importance of spending time with God each day; Importance of thankfulness

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Bible Journeys — Winter

God gives victory over sin; God keeps His promises; Importance of giving God first place; Importance of self-control; Importance of witnessing

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Treasures from God’s Word — Spring

Jesus’ death gives eternal life; Jesus’ resurrection gives eternal life; God has plans for His children; God helps His children make right choices; God answers prayer and meets needs; God gives joy to those who obey with a happy heart

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Bible Encounters — Summer

God helps and comforts; God uses little things in His plans; God is in control; God can turn bad to good for His glory; God has a purpose for His children; Importance of forgiving others

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