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Ages 4–5 years

Sunday School Series

Series titles currently available for ordering.

Beginner Extra Lesson — Summer

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First Year Overview

Going God’s Way — Fall

Jesus loves His children; Jesus knows all things; Jesus heals; Importance of helping friends; Jesus has power over the earth; Importance of thanking God

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God’s Word and Me — Winter

God wants to use His children; God gives help to obey; Importance of bringing people to Jesus; Doing right when difficult; Waiting on God; Being faithful

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Following after God — Spring

God made all things; God’s children are special to Him; Jesus died for sinners; Importance of obeying God; Being kind to unkind people

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Footprints through the Bible — Summer

God sees and knows everything; God helps in times of trouble; Importance of being kind; God’s children are not alone; Jesus forgives sin

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Second Year Overview

Let’s Learn about God — Fall

Nothing is too hard for God; God loves and cares for His children; God answers prayer; Importance of thankfulness, kindness, and obedience

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I Love God’s Word — Winter

God sent His Son, Jesus; Jesus cares for His children as a shepherd cares for his sheep; Importance of caring for others/keeping promises

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Growing in God’s Word — Spring

God loves His children even when they sin; Jesus died to pay for sin; Importance of loving God/doing right

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Growing Up with Jesus — Summer

God created all things; God’s children are special to Him; God cares when His children are afraid or alone

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