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2s and 3s

Sunday School Series

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2s & 3s Extra Lesson — Summer

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First Year Overview

Little Steps to God — Fall

Children can learn to trust God; God keeps promises; God’s children can trust Him when they’re afraid; Importance of thankfulness

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Little Voices Praise Him — Winter

The true meaning of Christmas; God loves and cares for His children; God hears and answers prayer

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Little Hands Do His Will — Spring

Jesus is the good Shepherd; Importance of Easter; God forgives disobedience; Importance of forgiving others; Importance of obeying parents

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Little Feet Walk His Way — Summer

God’s children can please Him with their actions; God’s Word is special; God meets needs; God can do anything

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Second Year Overview

Learning God’s Way — Fall

God meets needs, God is powerful and controls everything; God keeps promises

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Loving God’s Word — Winter

God sent His Son, Jesus; Importance of being kind and helping others

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Growing in Jesus — Spring

Jesus loves children—He died and rose again so they can go to heaven; God hears and answers prayer; Importance of obeying God while young to know how to obey Him when older

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Hearing God’s Word — Summer

God created all things; God has plans for His children; God cares for His children and meets their needs

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